Jessie Graff - American Ninja Warrior City Finals

This stuntwoman has become one of the elite female competitors

Last season, American Ninja Warrior was the season of the women. Beginning with Kacy Catanzaro followed by Michelle Warnky and Meagan Martin, these women broke boundaries on the once male dominated American Ninja Warrior course. However, this year has not been a far more mixed season for the women of American Ninja Warrior. Starting with Kacy's early exit eliminating her from contention in Dallas, women have struggled this season to finish a course. Only one women, Meagan Martin was able to actually complete a city qualifier course.


Fortunately, the top 30 competitors move on to the city finals, and stuntwoman Jessie Graff along with ANW veteran Michelle Warnky did make the top 30. While it was great to see female competitors move on, it took until the Venice Beach city finals to see a female competitor actually make history on the course. Jessie Graff would be that girl.


Two years ago, a rookie dressed in a chicken costume would shock the fans as she powered through the Venice Beach city qualifiers and make history as the first women to make the top 30 and move on to the finals. That girl was Jessie Graff. Unfortunately, she was sidelined the following year, the same year commonly known as the year of the women of American Ninja Warrior. However, she came back with force by becoming the first woman to make the city finals in two consecutive runs.


Then, in the Venice Beach City Finals which aired July 13, Jessie Graff would take the Ninja community by storm. Running up the warped wall and blazing through the salmon ladder, Jessie's glorious run would take her higher in the leadership than any women before in a city finals course. See her historic and inspirational run below.

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