Chris Wilczewski

Gym owner and 5-time ANW Finalist

As both a competitor and ninja warrior gym owner / parkour instructor, Chris Wilczewski is among the most extreme in his involvement with American Ninja Warrior. Prior to ANW, Chris struggled with alcohol, but after competing on the show in season 2, Chris was inspired to open his own gym and he has since made an impact on hundreds of lives through his gym and as an inspiration. The movement lab, Chris's gym is now one of the most recognized ANW and parkour gyms in the country.


Chris Wilczewski has also competed on Amerian Ninja Warrior in every season since ANW 2 and is continually one of the top performing athletes. I sat down with him for an interview to chat about his experiences as a competitor, gym owner, and parkour athlete.

Competing on ANW

Much of Chris's journey started with him competing on American Ninja Warrior. It was after competing that Chris decided to open his own gym and train for the show year round. Now, he has dozens of obstacle replicas to train on, both in his backyard as well as at his gym.

Movement Lab Gym

Chris is the owner and operator of the Movement Lab parkour and ninja warrior training gym located in Hainesport NJ. It featured thousands of square footage of vault boxes, American Ninja Warrior obstacle replicas, bars, and even a trampoline and foam pit. Learn what it's like to own a ninja warrior gym and how it all got started out of a passion, a backyard and a dream.

Parkour Athlete

Chris gives some insight into training parkour. He explains the value of progressions and what he had to do when it comes to training toward higher level moves.

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