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In 1997, Tokyo Broadcasting System and Monster 9 held the first ever Ninja Warrior competition called Sasuke. Designed to be the most difficult obstacle course on the planet, Ninja Warrior attracted hundreds of competitors. Since then, the sport has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, with spinnoffs in several countries including the smash hit American Ninja Warrior on NBC. Here, we have established a website dedicated to the most difficult obstacle course on earth. Find blueprints of the obstacles, training tips from the pros, competitor profiles, gyms with American Ninja Warrior obstacles, and more!


If you are unfamiliar with ninja warrior, we recommend you check out our about section. For those who are familiar with the show, you can review all the highlights of ninja warrior including some of the hardest obstacles, the greatest moments, and the best competitors. Or pehaps you might be a ninja in training and would like to know how to build your own ninja warrior obstacle course. Here, we have several blueprints of ninja warrior obstacles along with how-to tutorials for the most difficult obstacles like the salmon ladder, cliffhanger and unstable bridge.

American Ninja Warrior News

Question 1

American Ninja Warrior 5 Unseen Secrets: With American Ninja Warrior 5 concluded, it's time to look back at some exclusive secrets and analysis of the past ANW Season.

Question 2

American Ninja Warrior Season 6 Kicks Off: It's that time of year again, when NBC airs a new season of American Ninja Warrior. The competitors have given it their all in competing, and now it's time to see how they do. See a breakdown of American Ninja Warrior for this upcoming season.

Question 3

Sasuke 30 Aired in Japan: Tokyo Broadcasting Station has held the 30th tournament of Sasuke, the Japanese original Ninja Warrior competition that started it all. Details on how Sasuke 30 can be found here.


"American Ninja Warrior Interviews"

We have had the privledge of interviewing two top American Ninja Warrior competitors and Ninja Warrior USA vs Japan athletes. James "The Beast" McGrath and Paul Kasemir each discuss competing and training for American Ninja Warrior.

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Announcing our new website design. It features a retractable sidebar, enhaced navigation, and a redesigned footer. The overall user interface is much cleaner and the user experience is has been improved aesthetically.