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Beyond a Product

We're not just about making a profit, we want to promote fitness and the Ninja Warrior sport!

Quality Designs

Made from the leading Ninja Warrior designer!

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We keep cost low so you can do more!

More than just blueprints

These packages include most aspects needed to build the obstacles including instructions!


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Designs are emailed withing 24 hours at no extra charge.
The cost ranges from $100 to $900 (extremely high end) depending on the obstacle. On average, it should be close to $300 for all supplies.
Don't hesistate to reach out to us. We answer all emails with questions or concerns and make sure to address them.
Specific details on each item can be found below. All build packages include obstacle schematics, a lumber shopping list, cut list, and detailed building instructions. Packages are for obstacle plans, and not obstacles themselves.